Why Use Digitals?

Flexibility: You can change the message daily, hourly, and even minute to minute – excellent choice for real estate, restaurants, sales, etc.
Reach a mass audience quickly and effectively with up to date changes
Sales Promotion: Announce a sale
Target specific customers on various days
Provide real time results or news
Countdowns days until an event – for example Days Until Christmas

Digital Billboards

Meet Our Advertisers

Artwork for Digitals:
There is never a charge for artwork!!
Our design team can help you come up with a great ad to showcase your business.
You can have as many ads as you wish that will rotate out during your time slot.
Be Brief – focus on one message
Use a maximum of 5 to 8 words
Avoid white backgrounds which may not display correctly
Use strongly contrasting colors
Avoid subtle differences in color gradients which may not display correctly
Use thick, bold easily read fonts without serifs or scriptType your paragraph here.